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Before yesterdayGround Zero

On Beyond Zero 3/19/21

March 20th 2021 at 06:57
The Brave Men of GZ were super deeeeep tonight. One long-time listener was harping on the Jew Word Order nonsense; as if Anglo-Saxons are immune from performing nefarious actions against humanity. Oy vey! Had a lot of β€œvaccines are no bueno” calls. Ron brought up the fact that Clyde freaked out at 8:42pm tonight due to no calls. After we huddled and said, β€œgo team!” the phones rang off the hook and all was well in GZland once again. Ye of little faith…

On Beyond Zero 3/18/21

March 19th 2021 at 07:47
The tri-kooks kicked it off with the poignant questions: Are we more xenophobic against Asian Americans now or is it yet another spin by the mainstream media? Hmmm…Chinese food is still the bomb! Clyde then proceeded to take the remaining calls – one dude from Kentucky was inquiring why there were no more Rondo Mondo food pics on his FlakeBook page. Clyde said it was because he ran out of cat litter. We concluded with brief discussion about some silly legislation in Utah whereby some conservative folks want to prohibit the viewing of porn on electronic devices along with not touching or manipulating your naughty regions in certain locales. Oh my!

On Beyond Zero 3/17/21

March 18th 2021 at 07:37
The 4 Horsemen of the Zombie Apocalypse talk about the demise of Neo-Liberal Intellectualism and suddenly, transition to Transgenderism. And then for our final call, Clyde chit chats with a Massachusetts millionaire about the horrors of smart meters scanning the bar codes of canned goods. The chap was somewhat dismayed with the prior profanity-laced convo but Clyde assured them we were no longer on the airwaves and that we had permission to say nasty things for 30 minutes.

On Beyond Zero 3/16/21

March 17th 2021 at 06:56
It was the 3 guys plus 1 Liam. Wes and Liam talked about gaming stuff but Ron had reservations because of the idolatry factor. Last call was a guy who tooted his own horn with magnificent skill. It ended with a flurry of FUs because Clyde had a board malfunction – oh well!

On Beyond Zero 3/15/21

March 16th 2021 at 06:46
The studs of late night radio had a flurry of left-over calls, climaxed by Lydia from Green Bay, WI who said just say NO to the foul odor of meth and NO to stinky and cheesy chicken ass. Oh, and to have hope even if you’re not raptured. Amen.

On Beyond Zero 3/12/21

March 13th 2021 at 08:40
We talked about Pi Day on March 14 so we consumed 2 pies on March 12. And then there was deep discussion about Dutch Ass Apple Pie from an episode of Better Call Saul.

On Beyond Zero 3/11/21

March 12th 2021 at 08:22
Full house with the usual suspects plus Liam and Andrew. Consensus is that Arby’s is poop sprinkled with secret sauce. We then took a few calls and ended with Godzilla versus King Kong discrepancies concerning scale of characters.

On Beyond Zero 3/10/21

March 11th 2021 at 08:59
The GZ crew goes all over the map talking about migraines, video games, a coming 90 inch snow storm in Colorado, and places they would like to move to.


March 20th 2021 at 07:25

Adolf Hitler believed in culling those who were a burden on society. The agenda of β€œsifting human material” is also found hidden in the policies of Global Warming Sustainability proposals. The ghost of Tiergarten Fier or T4 is being revived today and technocrats call it β€œbioethics.” Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about TIERGARTEN FIER – THE BIOETHICAL BOONDOGGLE.


March 19th 2021 at 08:01

What President Biden called a Dark Winter months ago has been extended – we are hearing of continued low pressure systems that are unstable, dumping heavy amounts of snow in some states and triggering a massive onslaught of tornadoes in others. Weather warfare conducted by China is creating a Mothra Effect – continued force multiplied storm systems in the Pacific Ocean and North America. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with geoengineering researcher and founder of, Jim Lee about THE MOTHRA EFFECT.


March 18th 2021 at 07:54

As our homes and communities are becoming more integrated with the Internet of Things, and thus, β€œsmarter,” our privacy becomes more susceptible to unwarranted surveillance. It is a case of a more predatory Big Brother for use in the new predatory state. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about BIG BROTHER’S PREDATOR STATE.


March 17th 2021 at 07:05

There are numerous articles all over the mainstream media reassuring us that the Sars-Cov-2 vaccine is safe. However, there are also reports of many who take the vaccine having adverse reactions. Furthermore, if you have a contrary perspective about the vaccine and express your opinion on social media, you are likely to be censored or banned. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about THE NEEDLE TEARS THE WHOLE.


March 16th 2021 at 06:56

The world at large has been deemed ungovernable and now the words from the Bishop of Rome have been spoken, ironically, on the Ides of March, declaring that the world must be prepared for the New World Order. The speculative mind is now realizing that what is being proposed in the Beast System foretold in the Bible β€” another Roman Empire β€” the empire ruled by the Antichrist. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with author, Leo Zagami about PETRUS ROMANUS – IDES OF A STRANGER.


March 13th 2021 at 08:45

It is the most chilling irony that now we are seeing IBM team up with Moderna to issue the COVID-19 Digital Health Pass. Similarly, IBM worked with the Nazis to to track Jews, starting in the 1930s. As you can see, the New Normal is now entering into its kinder and gentler fascist stage. Moreover, it appears history is repeating itself but does anyone notice or care? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about EXCELSIOR – TRANSPARENT COERCION.


March 12th 2021 at 08:28

The Report from Iron Mountain was leaked by the mainstream media in 1967. It is literally a blueprint of proposed manufactured crises that the government could employ during peacetime in order to keep the war and military busy and the people demanding protection from threats. The report claimed that a gradual implementation of such crises would guarantee the need for basic social controls. There are those who believe that the proposals in this controversial document have been employed for over 50 years, conditioning the American people for acceptance of a New World Order. Tonight on ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about THE OX TO GRIND – THE REBOOT OF THE IRON MOUNTAIN CONSPIRACY.


March 11th 2021 at 08:34

The Royal Family of the United Kingdom have been under growing scrutiny, especially after the suspicious death of Lady Diana. In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, spoke about her fears and suicidal ideations while at Buckingham Palace. Is there something more sinister going on with the monarchy that is now rising to the surface?

On Beyond Zero 3/8/21

March 8th 2021 at 07:00
The GZ crew talk about a myriad of riveting topics: Senile Joey B., Tipsy Nancy P., rectum rodents of the Armageddon, and so much more!

On Beyond Zero 3/5/21

March 5th 2021 at 07:00
It was those 3 guys plus 1 Bill. We did an abridged karaoke singing β€œThey call me DR. HELDORE…I am the doctor of hell’s door, calling Dr. Heldore!!!” And then we got silly with nonsensical chit chat. So what’s new, ay?

On Beyond Zero 3/4/21

March 4th 2021 at 07:00
Clyde, Wes, and Ron talk about starlets that made us highly stimulated as adolescents. Breaking news! More gunfire in NE Portland! Oh, and we talked about the myriad of raw meat delicacies we consumed.